Anthony Rose: 'Valentine's Day happens to fall on a Saturday, the traditional wine-drinking day'


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I'm always on the horns of a dilemma when Valentine's Day comes round. Does one conform to type and mention the Bollinger Rosé Champagne that's supposed to steam up your glasses and get you and your partner hot under the collar? Or does the cynic simply ignore one of the most rampantly, commercially exploitative days of the year? The dilemma grows when one discovers that Valentine's Day happens to fall on a Saturday, the traditional wine-drinking day.

So I'm grateful for the suggestions flooding my inbox from the industry. They seem to have innumerable ideas as to how I may or may not wish to serenade my lover on this most romantic of days. I have been offered "the double temptation of Rosso Nobile al Cioccolata", apparently "a rich red wine laced with decadent chocolate flavours" that guarantees to add some extra romance to the special evening and "allows you to enjoy both of your vices without sacrifice". Another picks up a similar theme: "Valentine's Day is all about giving, receiving and enjoying chocolate". Laithwaites' suggestion? Andrew McPherson's The Full Fifteen Sparkling Red NV, since you ask.

Not convinced? How about this one, then? 50 Shades of Grey White Silk is a blend of gewürztraminer and sauvignon blanc launched to coincide with the eponymous film and described by one commentator as containing "overpowering notes of literary shame followed by a deep and crushing sadness that you actually went into store and purchased this viticultural abomination". Whether or not this would be improved by being served in The Diamond Glass, which is supposed to look like a diamond, is anyone's guess: The Diamond Glass Set for Two is "great for lovers and perfect for classy types" and designed to "awaken the full-bodied flavours".

If not for you, there is no shortage of specially designed bottles and gift packs from the likes of Freixenet's Elyssia, Moët & Chandon Impérial Rosé NV and Nicolas Feuillatte Brut Rosé Champagne. I declined the temptation to try them all.

Actually, anyone who really loved me would make the ultimate sacrifice and just go out and buy me the best rosé Champagne on the market: the fabulous, dare I suggest, seductive, 2006 Amour de Deutz Rosé, a plush, raspberry mousse-filled mouthful of bliss and a worthy successor to Deutz's prestige Cuvée William Deutz Brut Rosé.Did I mention the price? A loving £149, Christopher Piper, Hedonism Wine, Justerini & Brooks, Soho Wine Supply, Vagabond Wines, Huntsworth Wine. If he/she is not worth it, not to worry, try it on mum: Mother's Day, 15 March, is after all only just round the corner.