Are we suffering from a pronounced lack of skill in the menu department?

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We've all been there. You're on holiday, it's lunchtime, you've found your restaurant and you are prepped to order that local speciality that everyone in the office has been banging on about since they made their own pilgrimage. But wait. A problem: how exactly do you say the word "potjevleesch"? Most of us, it seems, would pronounce it thus: "I'll have the steak frites."

According to research commissioned by Glorious! foods, most of us would rather order something we didn't fancy rather than risk mispronouncing a dish.

Its easy to see how the words get mangled, of course. After all, not many menus have an amuse-bouche, or ahh-mooz-bush, as we sometimes say. Same for gruyère cheese – which often becomes grew-yer-re. But can it really be that after 15 years of Jamie Oliver we still can't say prosciutto?