Bites: Glastonbury's real headline act will be the food

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There are several popular myths about the Glastonbury Festival. That the loos will overflow; that it will rain and turn into a quagmire; and that the food will be ghastly.

Well, Bites can't say whether the first two will be myth or reality, but the third sure ain't true... this year, at least. Sharpham Park, purveyors of good things made from spelt (a super-healthy wheat alternative), will have a stall selling cereals, bars, burgers in buns and pies for hungry tent-dwellers (and, we suspect, a few refugees from the backstage Winnebagos). And if the humble grain isn't good enough, the burgers and pie-fillings are made from rare-breed beef, lamb and venison.

We think Roger Saul, the man behind the brand, who lives at Sharpham Park farm – right near the festival site – and oversees his products very closely, should be applauded for such a tasty green venture.

You can tell him yourself if you're Glasto-bound this week. Saul and his family will be the ones dishing out the Sharpham goodies...