As London Fashion Week kicks off, a select group of the city’s eateries have deemed themselves “official LFW restaurants” – although it's hard to work out what the criteria are. Acorn House is on the list – no doubt due to the super-cool eco credentials of executive chef Arthur Potts-Dawson.

And of course east London fashion hang-out Bistrotheque makes the grade, as does Harvey Nichols’ Fifth Floor Café, which had the clever idea of screening the catwalk shows just hours after they’ve taken place.

But Battersea’s new bar, The Brunel, isn’t on the list, even though it has come up with a fun way to celebrate the week, inviting customers to take a tip from hatman Stephen Jones and design and model their own hats, with a bottle of champers for the best ones.

It's too early to say how successful the pairing of food and fashion might actually be, though. Do fashionistas ever eat?