Bites: Take pot luck on lunch

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Next week is, apparently, National Vegetarian Week. It seems a bit daft to separate bean-munchers from the rest of the nation's foodies in this day and age, but marketing folk love a "week". In fact, being a vegetarian makes you ahead of the curve in 2009: grocery bills are less stratospheric, and whether or not swine flu has anything to do with pork, you won't be pining for sausages come BBQ time...

Quick to capitalise is a new brand called Pick Me. Pick being what you do to vegetables and, oh, you get the idea. The four chill/heat pots (chilli, curry, masala and mock shepherd's pie) have cutesy names we won't repeat here, but they taste really rather good, and office drones bored of sarnies need a change. ......... Innocent, meanwhile, does six Veg Pots that have carbs as well as veg. And both Innocent and Pick Me deliver two or three of the required five-a-day. So it's farewell to the ham sandwich forever...

Pick Me, £3.29 (Tesco); Veg Pots, £3.49 (Waitrose)