Makes 8

This is a traditional Jamaican recipe that I have adapted to my own and my family's taste. I love them because they are so easy to make and they're really versatile, too: you can break them in half and have them with butter and jam, or you can have them with beans and eggs! I think they're quite weird, because they taste sweet if you eat them with sweet things and savoury if you eat them with savoury things. You can make them without the sugar or even the butter, but this is the way me and my family like to make them. We love them and think they are delicious! I don't use weighing scales – instead I just use tablespoons for measuring.

6 heaped tbsp self-raising flour
4tbsp fine cornmeal (polenta)
3tbsp of brown sugar
1tbsp of butter

Mix all the ingredients together, and then gradually add water until the mixture binds into a dough. As soon as the mixture becomes dough-like, stop, otherwise it will become rock hard. Break pieces off from the dough and make into 8 small balls. Put them into a frying pan or ideally a deep fat fryer containing really hot oil and cook them for about seven minutes until they are golden brown all over.

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