Christmas food: How to make Brussels sprouts taste good

Sprouts only start to give off a metallic taste when overcooked

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Just one mention of the word ‘Christmas’ and instantly our minds are filled with thoughts of turkey and all the trimmings – including the marmite of the vegetable world: brussels sprouts.

Then here are four great ways to get the best out of your sprout.


Like roasting parsnips or carrots, roasting a tasty sprout brings out their natural sweetness.  Pop them in the oven whole on 180c for 20-25 minutes until the outer leaves get caramelised, golden, and crispy while the insides are tender. To add extra flavour and sweetness toss them in a little maple syrup or balsamic vinegar before roasting.

Sautéing or pan-searing

Another great way to bring out the delicious flavour of your sprouts is to cook them in a frying pan on the cooker top. Whilst also ensuring your sprouts get a nice even crisp outer coating you’ll also free up precious cooker space; vital at Christmas! Quarter or half your sprouts and cook in a little olive oil, lemon and chilli for some extra zing.

Go raw with a salad or slaw

Think of your Brussel sprouts as mini cabbages and shred them in a salad or slaw. Totally healthy and brilliantly crunchy a tasty sprout slaw or salad makes the perfect addition to your Boxing Day ham. 


Sprouts only start to give off a metallic taste when overcooked. To avoid sprouts reminiscent of your grandma’s house steam gently for 5-10 minutes until al dente.

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