Cocktail class: How to make perfect caipirinhas

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An ice-cold caipirinha is the perfect drink to make your pre-match World Cup party go with a swing.

Here, Richard Woods from Sushi Samba reveals his step-by-step guide to making Brazil's national cocktail...

1. You will need: A lime; 50ml white cachaça; 15ml sugar syrup; freshly-cut sugar cane for the garnish; crushed ice to serve

2. Remove some of the rind to release the aroma

3. Halve and then third the lime

4. Muddle four of the lime pieces

5. Pour a small measure of sugar syrup

6. Add it to the lime

7. Pour a large measure of cachaça


8. Pour in glass and mix with some ice

9. Fill the rest of the glass with ice

10. Garnish with the remaining lime and the sugar cane

11. Serve. Saude!