If you thought that making a cup of coffee simply involved a teaspoon of instant and a splash of milk, wake up and smell the proverbial! The 14th World Barista Championship takes place this week, and here we provide an expert guide to perking up, courtesy of Ryan Cross of Ristretto Roasters in Portland, Oregon

You will need:

A French press
A grinder
120g coffee beans
A timer with a beeper
A spoon

1. Grind the coffee on the coarsest setting and pour into French press

2. Set timer to four minutes

3. Heat the water to just below boiling point and pour over granules to saturate them, then pour to halfway up the press

4. Start timer

5. Allow the coffee to sit for one minute, then use the spoon to gently press the coffee down 2 to 3 times to break the crust. Do not stir

6. Pour in the remaining boiling water

7. Set the top on the French press and depress the plunger to just below the water line, then lift up a half-inch to create a crema level

8. When the timer beeps, depress the French press fully. Pour out a small amount of coffee to remove any grounds trapped in the filter

9. Pour and drink immediately

10. Enjoy the buzz