1. Plan meals. Schedule a week at a time, working out how much you need for each main courses and pudding

2. Shop more carefully. Write a list - and stick to it. Avoid 'buy one get one half-price' promotions if you will be unable to eat the extra food.

3. Buy a mixture of fresh and frozen ingredients. Then you can take things out of the freezer when you need them rather than have them going off in the fridge. If you have too much chilled food, check on the label whether it can be frozen

4. Know your labels. Use-by dates must be adhered to. But 'best before' food is often edible after the date. A 'sell by' date is the time by which the shop must sell the food, not the time by which you must eat it. Use your eyes and nose to check whether something is off

5. Cook leftovers. They can create tasty, nutritious, quick and cheap dishes. Look up recipes on lovefoodhatewaste.com