Surprises from Spain; top-deck tucker; by Jove, he's cracked it; what a carve up

Surprises from Spain

Don't you love it when difficult decisions are made for you. Subscribe to Delitaste on, the Barcelona-based supplier of rare and wonderful Catalan and Spanish produce, and the choice is made for you. A consignment of delicacies is sent out every two months; you pay 57 Euros for the contents of each box, plus delivery. If you don't like surprises, have a look at everything else on the website.

Top-deck tucker

Bill's @ the depot, 100 North Road, Brighton (01273 692894) takes New York's Gourmet Garage as its inspiration. The old bus depot is brimful to double-decker height with the heaps of fresh veg, herbs, fruit and flowers and stacks of top groceries that make the original Bill's Produce Store in Lewes such a draw. The café's set to become legendary for its buttermilk pancake breakfasts followed by great pizzas, pies, salads and desserts.

By Jove, he's cracked it

'I respect the egg for its genius in all forms of cooking,' says Michel Roux in 'Eggs' (Quadrille, £14.99). In its perfect, beautiful packaging, the egg is a source of wonder, supper in itself and also a catalyst in the kitchen. Simple, delicious, nutritious, it works miracles in soufflés and mousses, mayonnaise, Béarnaise, hollandaise, batter, custard, Caesar-salad dressing, sponge cakes and meringues. 'It is time for me to bestow the egg with the honour it deserves.' With these recipes, he has.

What a carve up

They cost an arm and a leg, but the Henckel Twin Select carving knife and fork are so sharp and sleek they're almost smart enough to hang on the wall and will certainly make light work of the mightiest roast. And of your fingers, if you're not careful. The fork is £69.95, the knife £63.95 from the irresistible-to-any-cook Divertimenti shops in London's Marylebone High Street, W1, and Brompton Road, SW3, or from 0870 1295026/ And Henckel knives, made in Germany using the scary-sounding ice-hardened process for steeliest toughness, will last a lifetime if you keep them sharp.