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Barn storming; sachet along; cut above the rest; get a grip
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It all started with an organic dairy herd. Now Low Sizergh Barn, Kendal (01539 560426), on the Cumbrian farm, has been recognised as the country's best cheese seller. The old stone barn is filled with good things to eat - the 60 artisan British cheeses have been joined by their own Kendal Crumbly and Kendal Creamy cheeses. And see where it all begins by watching the milking from the award-winning tea room.

Sachet along

Getting in the groceries was never like this. The Grocer on Elgin, 6 Elgin Crescent, London W11 (020-7221 3844) and The Grocer on Warwick, 21 Warwick Street, London W1 (020-7437 7776) sell these ravishing hand-cooked meals for a 'best local gastropub is my sofa' supper. New for autumn are lamb shank with roast garlic & rosemary £6.95 for 500g and sweet potato, parsnip & carrot mash £3.25 for 450g. If you can't get out to buy dinner, order at

Cut above the rest

Give your chopping arm a rest and invest in a little machine to do the donkey work. The Morphy Richards Go Cordless Mini Chopper is a nifty little bit of kit that won't get tangled up on the worktop. It's battery powered, costs only £14.99 and can chop herbs, onions, meat, cheese and nuts, blend baby food, whip cream, froth a milkshake and make mayonnaise. Altogether handy - unlike its companion, the cordless rechargeable cheesegrater, for £24.99. Really, who needs one of those?

Get a grip

Adding fresh pepper as you cook can be a grind. But it's easy peasy peppercorn squeezy when you don't need two hands to twist. The Trudeau One Hand Mill has a ceramic grinder that's guaranteed for five years, and the mill can be adjusted to grind the pepper more or less coarsely. The Trudeau comes from Canada in stainless steel, black, white and red and costs £16. 020-8877 7000, for stockists