Give it some slick; nuts about it; char grin; best baa none

Give it some slick

Give it some slick

Rape-seed oil could become our own home-grown alternative to olive oil. Pertwood's gorgeous version comes from cold-pressed rape seed grown in Wiltshire. Both types, filtered and unfiltered, are organic, high in unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, lower in saturated fat than even olive oil and full of vitamin E. One is good for frying at high temperature, the other makes great salad dressings. £2.49 for 250ml; for stockists call 01985 841155.

Nuts about it

Preposterously named and outrageously good, the Pa Pa Paa Bombay Bar blew us away. It's such a chunky bar of dark chocolate packed with big nuts and Indian spices - cardamom, chilli and a bit of coconut - that you have to be butch to break off a bit. Created by the Pa Pa Paa chocolatier for Father's Day, we don't see why dads should have the lion's share of it. £4.99 for a bar, from

Char grin

A cuppa has never been less cosy - or more glamorous - than at the Tea Palace, in west London. The founder Tara Calcraft hired architects Stiff + Trevillion to come up with a design as refreshing and elegant as a bone-china cup of midsummer mango and black tea with Madagascan vanilla. That's just one of the 150 fine loose-leaf teas - black, white, green, oolong, herbal and fruit - that the teamasters sell and serve. 175 Westbourne Grove, London W11, 020-7727 2600

Best baa none

Herdwick lamb, shearlings (more than 15 months old) and mutton (the most mature) from an ancient breed of hill sheep lucky enough to live on National Trust land and scenic farms once owned by Beatrix Potter, are now being delivered to customers in special cool boxes by Lakeland Herdwick Direct. Chefs have already discovered this flavoursome meat, from livestock raised happily and slaughtered locally. Even the lambs, which feed on grass, herbs and heather, taste better because they're up to a year old. There's still some of this season's lamb left - hurry while stocks last. £55 for half a lamb, plus £10 delivery, or £100 for a whole lamb. Shearlings and mutton are available all year round. To order, call 01539 531240 or e-mail