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It towers above other sauces, and to mark Harrods' Truly British season starting on Monday, the HP sauce bottle's Houses of Parliament label has has been given a dashing look by colossus of British design, Sir Paul Smith. To match the year HP was introduced, only 1899 of the limited edition bottles will be sold exclusively at Harrods for £2.95. The tamarind-tangy sauce is made in Birmingham. But, zut alors, the brand was recently sold to Heinz by French food giant, Danone.

Cook and eat 4 Live8

Turn Fairtrade foods like chocolate, honey, pineapples, basmati rice and oranges into delicious dishes, with recipes from 'A Fair Feast' (published by Simon & Schuster, £9.99). With celebrity contributions such as Nigella Lawson's chocolate orange cake, and Ken Hom's beef with ginger, the book puts across the Fairtrade message, and supports Make Poverty History and Oxfam.

The story of O

Organic food is still gaining ground. This weekend, the movement musters its forces and celebrates its growth for the start of Organic Week, with the Soil Association Organic Food Festival on Bristol's Harbourside. From 10am today and tomorrow 150 stalls make up an indoor and outdoor market, together with a family food marquee, workshops, tastings and demonstrations. The Viennese Vegetable Orchestra is one of the food-related events to entertain pesticide-free little pests.

Have a stab at this

If your cooking tends towards the hit and miss, don't go throwing your saucepans around or venting your frustration on guests, take it out on the Voodoo Knife Display. Although obviously you'll be putting some effort into making your food edible, a soupçon of tastelessness is never out of place in the kitchen. The garish knife block, designed by Raffaele Iannello, is crafted in ABS plastic and depicts a Morph-like human form. The bloodthirsty effigy comes with a chef's knife, bread knife, slicer, paring and utility knife and costs £59.95 (www.firebox.com/0870 241 4289). After you've exhausted yourself hacking away at the packaging of that microwaveable meal, put those kitchen nightmares to rest by plunging the knives back into the Voodoo man's body.