Here's the rub

Here's the rub

A bit of braai comes to Britain, with the Elements of Spice range of seasonings from South Africa. They're aromatic mixes of dried herbs and spices to rub into meat or fish, add to oil or sprinkle on salads. Eight enticing spice blends include Mama Africa (piri piri chillies, coriander seeds, ginger, paprika and more), Zest for Life (Sicilian flavours) and Bed of Roses (Moroccan-inspired saffron and rose petals). £3.45 a tin, from independent delis; stockists 020-7431 8077.

Dear dairy

In New York they've seen the future of pudding and it's rice. Rice to Riches pudding parlour, incorporating part of the set from Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, does the grain proud in flavours such as banana, chocolate, vanilla and pistachio. Here, the closest encounter with a cult rice pudding comes from Rachel's Organic Divine Rice (around 50p from selected branches of Asda, Sainsbury's and Waitrose).

Griller thriller

If you can see it through the haze of smoke, the barbecue is usually a pretty ugly piece of kit. But the George picnic charcoal grill from Bodum is altogether a gorgeous griller. It's portable, and simple to set up and stow away. And at £60, it will earn its keep before summer's out, once you've dispensed with the disposables (the George is twice the size of a basic BBQ). Now don't go confusing this delightful piece of Danish design from the coffee- plunger people with another George. The George Foreman Carry It and Grill It, from the boxer turned grill meister, is another portable barbie, but gas powered by a little propane canister. That's £79.99 at Argos. So now you've got to ask yourself whether you're more of an artificial-heat Argos cook or a Scandinavian-style charcoal one. If you lean to the latter, try Bodum stores and some independent cook shops, or visit, 01604 595650.

Brighton beautiful

A wave of gastronomic pleasure washes over the city until 20 June during the Brighton Food & Drink Lovers Festival. Today, tomorrow and next weekend the Festival Boulevard features scores of local producers and gourmet market stalls; there are foodie films and art, barbies and feasts on the beach, and restaurants going with the flow.