My top table

My favourite restaurant is my home! Roaring fires, the best Italian cook, a beautifully laid table, delightful service, excellent wine and, of course, the best friends and family. Why would I go anywhere else?

Comfort eating

On my Italian side, probably a carefully made risotto with carnaroli rice, good chicken stock, butter and Parmesan – sumptuous and simple, elegant and easy. And on my English side, a poached egg on properly mashed potato – definitely not bought in a packet!

My favourite cookbook

My inherited notes on the best recipes from my mother and old nanny, which I dig out from time to time.

The food shop I can't walk past

I don't have a favourite food shop, but I love the Mumbai food market with its sumptuous piles of mangoes, okra, red carrots and pineapples with the salesmen sitting above them like great conductors.

What's in my fridge?

In my fridge I have milk, wine, one bottle of champagne (just in case ...), salad, cheese, eggs, butter, yoghurt and an old jar of mostarda.

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