Observations: Rosie Lovell serves a loving spoonful

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Forget Cider with Roadies, the latest must-have music missive is actually a cookery book – Spooning with Rosie. Not that you should confuse this with the usual "cooking is the new rock'n'roll" pitch. That was old hat soon after Jamie Oliver drove into town on his oh-so-mod scooter and Gordon Ramsay swore on telly like Lemmy with a headache. Rosie Lovell is cut from a different cloth, inspired as she is by music as much as ingredients.

Five years ago, Rosie set up her welcoming café and delicatessen, where she still serves the lattes, amid the noisy, colourful expanse of indoor Brixton market in south London. Soon her warm smile and attentive service were attracting the area's hip denizens. Her blog documents leftfield doyens the Invisible's visit, while praise from regular supporters and local heroes Basement Jaxx is proudly displayed on her publication's back cover. The café owner's last three boyfriends were all customers, including current squeeze Raf Rundell, co-founder of indie label 1965 Records, home of Dundonian reprobates the View.

Also on her blog is a recipe for spare ribs, devised for 1965's bassline merchant Toddla T, now adopted by the couple, Rosie claims in Spooning. Written while recovering from a brain haemorrhage, this foodie bible reflects its author's penchant for over-indulgence, with plenty of hangover remedies and seduction dishes. Moreover, like a culinary Lily Allen, Rosie has no qualms about showing up her exes, as with the previous boyfriend aroused by a lemon tart. Move over Delia, and tell Nigella the news.

'Spooning with Rosie' is published by Fourth Estate