On the agenda: Tanks are set to storm our stages and Camper gets a Japanese makeover

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A man walks into a pub with a pumpkin under his arm... no, it's not a joke; rather, the premise of an intriguing new barter campaign, Produce for Pints, that's been launched by Surrey gastropub The Old Bear. Bring in your home-grown produce (or locally shot game – it's grouse season, folks), submit it for inspection by the pub's head chef, and if it passes muster, he'll take it off your hands in exchange for a drink. We say cheers to that! www. theoldbearcobham.co.uk

Adam Jacques


Following the runaway success of his Hip Hop Shakespeare Company workshops and performances, Mobo award-winner Akala is taking to the Salford stage. A multimedia live performance of Othello at the Lowry Theatre on 31 October will star 50 local young people, and is the culmination of two weeks of free workshops involving visual art, dance and drama. Expect to be surprised: Akala's workshops usually feature a set of ask-the-audience readings, and one of many who mistook a Hip Hop line for Shakespeare, and vice versa, was the eminent actor Sir Ian McKellen. Straight outta Stratford? Yeah, boy. www.thelowry.com

Katy Guest


A lone puffin glides through a blizzard, while a brown bear paws at a salmon by a waterfall. Yes, the full glory of nature will once again be on display at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Natural History Museum (www.nhm.ac.uk) from Friday. But this year we're just as excited about the inaugural British Wildlife Photography Awards, giving a stunning portrait of the UK's indigenous wildlife – woodland deer at dawn being an Agenda favourite. It begins a year-long tour of the UK next month, beginning in Yorkshire. www.bwpawards.co.uk



As half-term fast approaches, it's a must to find something that will keep the little ones occupied – and the children's author Terry Deary's Horrible Histories stage show The Frightful First World War should fit the bill. Expect 3-D effects and memorable set-pieces – including tanks rumbling through the auditorium. Touring the UK until December (www.birminghamstage.net)



Spanish shoemaker Camper has teamed up with Japanese artist Tokujin Yoshioka to transform its new Regent Street store into a vibrant installation site, as part of a long-running string of collaborations with artists and architects. Yoshioka, who also works with Issey Miyake, took inspiration from landscapes in full bloom, and the shop features walls, chairs and every visible surface covered in thousands of delicate faux-suede leaves in Camper's signature red shade. Camper, 207-209 Regent Street, W1 , www.tokujin.com

Harriet Walker


Postman Pat is headed for the big screen. The Cumbrian mailman's traditional stop-motion antics will be enhanced by a smattering of CGI, while the zeitgeisty plot, which sees Pat win a Britain's Got Talent style contest, sounds intriguing enough – although we're yet to be convinced about it being made in 3D. Do all kids' movies need this expensive gimmick? What's Pat going to do – shove a letter right under our noses?