There’s a dish for every meal of the day - for a limited time only in Tokyo

Pikachew on this – a café in Tokyo has started serving up exclusively Pokémon-themed foods. All their colourful meals are designed to look like cute yellow Pokémon, Pikachu.

The pop-up restaurant celebrates the Japanese release of new film, Pokémon the Movie XY, and is running alongside an exhibit dedicated to the movie - but hurry if you're in Tokyo, it closes on August 31.

There are several Pikachu-shaped delights sure to electrify the tastebuds, including curry buns, hashed beef stuffed with rice omelette, and even Pokeball mousse. In fact, with pancakes, burgers and parfait also all on offer, there’s a Pikachu dish for every meal of the day! They're sure to be snapped up like lightning.

“But I’ve gotta catch them all,” I hear you cry. “Why the Pika prejudice?” Well, this suggests an exciting revolution in the world of Poké-themed cuisine, so hopefully we’ll be seeing more in the future. Personally, we’d like to see suggest Bulbasausage, Jigglypuff pastry and Ninetail stew.