Pork steak with jasmine flowers

Serves 4

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My friend Hieu at London's Vietnamese restaurant Cay Tre serves jasmine flowers as a side dish; they are absolutely delicious and have a luxurious flavour somewhat reminiscent of asparagus (which would also work well here). You can find them in Chinese and Vietnamese supermarkets.

I've also scattered a few Chinese chive tops over, which you can also find in Chinese supermarkets.

4 pork steaks, cut from preferably the rib, weighing about 150g each
100-120g jasmine flowers (or asparagus)
2tbsp vegetable or corn oil for frying
A handful of Chinese chives, tops reserved and bottoms finely chopped
2-3tbsp sweet soy sauce (kecap manis)

Preheat a ribbed griddle pan or heavy frying pan, season and brush the pork steaks with a little of the soy. Brush the griddle with a little oil and cook the steaks for about 3-4 minutes on each side until just cooked but still slightly pink.

Meanwhile, heat a tablespoon or so of the vegetable oil in a heavy frying pan or wok and quickly fry the jasmine flowers and chopped chives for 2-3 minutes without colouring them and seasoning lightly during cooking. Blanch the chive tops in boiling salted water and drain.

To serve, cut the steaks into 4-5 slices, spoon the jasmine flowers on to warmed serving plates, arrange the pork on top and scatter the chive flowers over. Spoon a little sweet soy around and serve.