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Asda Cava Rosado Brut; Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne; Billecart-Salmon Champagne
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Under a fiver: Asda Cava Rosado Brut £2.97, Asda

Under a fiver: Asda Cava Rosado Brut £2.97, Asda

This deep-hued, strawberry cup of fizz wears its deep pink prettily enough with a touch of sweetness to help you see Valentine's Day through rosé-tinted glasses. At this price (discounted until 18 April), you might hide the receipt if you aim to impress.

Under a tenner: Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne £9.96, Asda

At just over half the £17.96 list price, you get really good, genuine champagne sophistication and well-rounded raspberry-fruity flavours from this well-respected co-operative Champagne. On special discount till after Easter.

Splash out: Billecart-Salmon Champagne £34.99, Oddbins

This is the real thing, a grown-up, richly textured and flavoursome, bronze-pink champagne full of redcurrant and raspberry fruitiness. If you're popping the fizz, this drop has superb finesse and, dare one suggest, a seductive body.