2001 Jekel Monterey Gravelstone Chardonnay; 2002 Gooseberry Patch Sauvignon Blanc; 2000 Solanes, Cims de Porrera, Priorat

Under a fiver: 2001 Jekel Monterey Gravelstone Chardonnay £4.99, Sainsbury's

Down from £9.99 in the Sainsbury's Wine Festival which started this week, this chardonnay from the California coast lavishly displays smoky oak combined with opulent, tropical pineappley fruit. A fine wine becomes a fine everyday one.

Under a tenner: 2002 Gooseberry Patch Sauvignon Blanc, Oisly et Thésée £5.59, Oddbins

£10 for two bottles till the end of the month. Irresistible sauvignon blanc from the Loire Valley's Oisly et Thésée Co-operative stands out for its elderfloral fragrance and gooseberry fruit, enhanced by plenty of zingy-fresh acidity.

Splash out: 2000 Solanes, Cims de Porrera, Priorat £15.95, Lay & Wheeler, Colchester (0845 330 1855; sales@laywheeler.com)

Made from old carignan vines in Catalonia's Priorat region, this spicy, intense wine, redolent of dark cherry, is made by intuitive winemaker Sara Perez. Serve it with roast pork or rabbit.