The 10 Best apps for foodies

Whether you’re in search of roasting tips or just want to find the perfect pint, we’ve got the hi-tech tools for the job...

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1. Steak Master

£1.19, iOS

Know how you like your steak in a restaurant, but can't replicate it at home? This lets choose your cooking method, enter the steak's thickness and get a great result.

2. Wine and Food Pairing

62p, Android

A wine and food pairing app is never going to be infallible – but this isn't bad. Delve into 75 food categories and find out what wine's will (and won't) go well with them.

3. Teach me sushi

£2.99, iOS

This one gives users 13 step-by-step video guides to creating the perfect sushi. It breaks the tricky bits down, explaining them concisely and with enthusiasm.

4. Forage

£1.49, iOS

A good way to get into foraging, this provides a list of common leaves, flowers and stems, with details to help you identify them.You can also record where you found what.

5. Everynote Food

Free, Android

Lets you capture those precious food moments. So if you pick up a good tip, you punch it in here, like pictures of dishes in restaurants you want to try at home.

6. Craft Beer London

£2, iOS

The foodie skill you're picking up here is for some an essential one: where to get a good pint in London. Beer writer Will Hawkes guides us to the best in town.

7. What Additives

Free, Android

Is E476 really a necessary part of a chocolate bar? This encyclopaedic app explains those oblique numbers and letters listed as the ingredients on the back of packs.

8. Simply Good Fish

Free, iOS

An app from the chap behind Channel 4's Lakes on a Plate. You get a few recipes, but it's more about his videos and the option to email the man himself.

9. River Cottage Everyday

£1.99, iOS

This has 168 recipes on it, but its real strength is its how-to skills videos, an at-a-glance seasonal food diary and a directory of regional foods.

10. Time to Roast

69p, iOS

Calculate the exact cooking time for your Sunday roast with this app. Punch in the weight and type of meat and it gives you times and tips.