1. Pitfield 1850 London Porter

£2.75, pitfieldbeershop.co.uk

This is a black beer with chocolate and malt flavours, brewed to an 1850 Whitbread recipe from a pioneer of British microbrewing.

2. Hop Back Entire Stout

£2.05, waitrose.com

Boasting a strong roasted malt flavour and a long, smooth aftertaste, it was Camra's Supreme Champion Winter Beer of Britain.

3. Worthingtons White Shield IPA

£2.09, waitrose.com

This is feisty and full, with a powerful hoppiness and bittersweet finish. it dates back to the 1820s.

4. Schneider Weisse

£2.25, beerhere.co.uk

A rich and full-bodied beer, tan in colour with a clove-like fruity bouquet. Froma brewery of great history and tradition.

5. Calvors Premium

£1.95, alesbymail.com

Most mainstream lagers are watered down from stronger brews, but expect none of this nonsense with Calvors. Brewed in Suffolk.

6. Goose Island IPA

£1.69, beersofeurope.co.uk

This Chicago beer has shedloads of hops with big herbaceous perfumes: think tangerines, lychees and lime.

7. Coniston Brewing Company Bluebird Bitter

£2.29, thedrinkshop.com

Pale, with just a hint of colour, it has a huge orange fruit aroma, balanced by biscuit malt.

8. Thornbridge Wild Swan

£2.65, therealalestore.com

This pale ale is a great session beer. White-gold, it has aromas of light bitter lemon, a hint of herb and a subtle spiciness.

9. St Austell Admiral's Ale

£1.73, staustellbreweryshop.co.uk

Cornish barley is blended with Styrian Golding and Cascade hops for an award-winning ale.

10. Beer Chang

£1.99, tesco.com

Beer Chang is Thailand's biggest selling lager. It's not sophisticated but is great with Asian food or as a fun drink on its own.