It may not be a barbecue summer as yet - but who needs an excuse to tuck into a juicy patty? Try one of these for size.

1. Ultimate Steak Burgers

To describe your burgers as the "ultimate" is pretty bold. Of course, these won't compare to the triple-bun bacon cheese destroyer you guzzled in New York, but for a supermarket, these 95 per cent beef patties, simply seasoned with sea salt, are darn good.

£18 for eight,

2. Taste the Difference Lamb Burgers with Mint

Some minty lamb burgers can be a little too sharp, with the mint overpowering the meaty taste, but these chunky ones get the mixture just right. Be warned; they don't need as long as you think on a hot barbecue.

£3.29 for two,

3. Taste the Difference Beef Burgers with West Country Cheddar

Save yourself cutting a slice of cheese to put in your bap, with these delicious, if rather salty, burgers that are pre-mixed with West Country cheddar.

£3.29 for two,

4. Heston Lamb and Cucumber Burgers

From the man best known for culinary experiments, Heston Blumenthal has created a distinctly simple burger for his Waitrose range. Still, the combination is delicious, the cucumber adding a refreshing twist. And at least it's not stuffed with popping candy.

£3.49 for two,

5. Good Life Spicy Bean Quarter Pounder

Free of meat, dairy and egg and less than half the price of its meaty equivalents, this is one of the best veggieburgers around. Full of beans, literally, with tongue-tingling chilli seasoning, it is a healthy and delicious way to get your protein fix.

£1.99 for 4,

6 . Scotch Steak Burgers

From the butcher that provides meat for the likes of Marco Pierre White and Nigella Lawson — who has been a customer for the past decade — these Scotch steak burgers really are a treat; 100 per cent beef, made from top of the rump and striploin, they truly are steak through and through.

£3.80 for two,

7. Luxury Beef Burgers

Forman & Field brings the finest products from small, independent producers around Britain. The price really does say luxury, but you won't be disappointed. They are freshly made with the highest quality Welsh beef, white onion and parsley.

£9.95 for two,

8. Linda McCartney Mozzarella Quarter Pounders

If you want a vegetarian alternative that still has that dense, meaty texture, these quarter pounders should keep you chomping. The succulent soya-based patties are filled with rich mozzarella cheese and are just as good as the "real" thing.

£1.50 for two,

9. Wilsons Texan Burger

If anyone's going to make you up a good burger, it's England's best independent butcher. These Texan-style 6oz patties are made with the finest cuts of lean chuck, mixed with a touch of chilli oil and freshly chopped green chillies.

£6 for four,

10. Purebred English Wagyu Burgers

Hailing from the UK's only supplier of purebred Wagyu beef, the cows that go into these meaty, amply-marbled patties rest on straw and are fed on maize to give a meaty, rich flavour.

£3.40 each,