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The 10 Best chef's knives

Whether you’re slicing up a salad or dicing your way through a Sunday roast, we’ve got the finest blades for the job.

1. Kyocera ceramic

£52, hartsofstur.com

These are crafted from ceramic zirconia, second in durability to diamond – say its makers – and are extremely light in the hand. Can be put in the dishwasher.

2. Naifu D67

£79.50, chefsknifestore.co.uk

Beautifully balanced Japanese-style knife that has bevelled indentations ground into its Damascus steel blade to avoid friction, leaving a clean slice.

3. ProCook classic

£10, procook.co.uk

Inexpensive, but fully tanged (where the blade runs all the way through the handle), so you can sharpen it as you wish. A good "starter" knife.

4. Joseph Joseph

£15, josephjoseph.com

Comfy handle and non-stick blade. It has a clever, weighted handle, so you can put it on the side and it tilts so the blade doesn't touch your work surface.

5. Kai

£165, taylors-eye-witness.co.uk

Anthony Bourdain once said: "Don't touch my dick, don't touch my knife" – he probably had one of these at the time.

6. Global

£130, globalknives.uk.com

Hollow, feather-light handle and an exceptionally strong blade. Only gripe is the heel (where blade meets handle), which could be bigger, so beware the odd slip.

7. Lakeland Select

£33.99, lakeland.co.uk

Some chefs favour high-carbon steel, so their blades remain true. Many like these, with slightly softer blades, as they can be sharpened to the point you need.

8. Sheffield

£42, conranshop.co.uk

This doesn't rely on its heritage – it's top-notch: made from one single piece of high-carbon steel, which means it should keep its edge for years.

9. Veritable Sabatier

£57, taylors-eye-witness.co.uk

Another blade made from a single piece of high-carbon steel, this is tough as old boots. It's also in the French style – almost triangular – so it is a perfect slicer.

10. Welch

£52, robertwelch.com

Like most German chefs' knives, this has a curved section at the front, which is useful for those who like chopping in a rocking motion. Comfy in the hand too.