The 10 Best food memoirs

From life in a top-end New York kitchen to dinner parties at the height of the Raj, here are culinary tales to chew over...

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1. Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain

Bloomsbury, £10.99

Bourdain's no-holds-barred account of life in American kitchens is both a memoir and an insider's guide to the tricks of the trade.

2. Love in a Dish and Other Pieces by MFK Fisher


Combines recipes with anecdotes about lunches had and wines drunk. A book as well-crafted as the patisserie she loved.

3. Climbing the Mango Trees by Madhur Jaffrey


Jaffrey is Britain's most highly regarded Indian cookery writer. Her life in food began in the days of the raj in Delhi.

4. Between Meals by AJ Liebling


The New Yorker writer's memoir charts an amusing culinary coming-of-age in the Paris of the 1920s, where he spent a good deal of his family money on food and wine.

5. J'aime New York by Alain Ducasse


Not a memoir in the traditional sense, rather it recounts the 156 restaurants he has frequented since his first time in NYC in 1976.

6. Memories of Gascony by Pierre Koffmann


Koffman takes us on trip through his childhood in Gascony by giving us the recipes he ate then and still cooks now.

7. Toast by Nigel Slater


Each chapter is a bacchanalia of suburban treats as Slater gives us a grand tour of the family's larder – rice pudding, tinned ham, cream soda and all.

8. Heat by Bill Buford


Having previously gone undercover with football hooligans in Among The Thugs, Buford goes under the pan lid as he blags a position in Mario Batali's staff.

9. A Recipe for Life by Antonio Carluccio


Carluccio remembers the first time his taste buds felt the zing of a well-cooked meal. This is his life... in the kitchen and on TV.

10. My Life in France by Julia Child and Alex Prud'Homme


Once a brash California girl who didn't speak one word of French. This traces the beginnings of her love for French food.