The 10 Best ground coffees

From Tanzania's Grumpy Mule to Jamaica's Blue Mountain, we select the top blends for your pot

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1. Grumpy Mule Tanzania Footprint

£4.75 for 227g,

Tanzania is renowned for its Peaberry beans, so this Peaberry coffee has unsurprisingly won Great Taste awards for three years.

2. Origin Coffee Gatomboya Coffee Factory

£10.50 for 250g,

This intensely flavoured grind combines fruit aromas with a light, non-cloying flavour.

3. Jamaican Blue Mountain

£39.99 for 250g,

Coffee from the best growing region in the world comes at a price. But for those seeking the Rolls-Royce of coffee, its deep and varied texture won't disappoint.

4. Carluccio's Caffe Milano Espresso

£5.25 for 250g,

Espresso drinking is something for which Italians are famous, so it is no surprise that Carluccio's does the drink justice.

5. Hada Del Café

£4.95 for 227g,

This one-woman coffee company has won awards for its high-quality beans. Her rich, earthy roast is the perfect after-dinner drink and a real corker in taste.

6. Climpson and Sons Sumatra Wahana

£5.50 for 250g,

Smooth and mild but with a punchy aroma that draws you in as soon as you open the packet.

7. Percol Black and Beyond Espresso

£3.19 for 227g,

Super strong, rich as you like and with a deep finish that seems to go on and on.

8. Equal Exchange Women Farmer Roast

£4.45 for 227g,

Grown by women, this is a light, airy medium roast from Peru. A nice mid-morning pick-me-up.

9. Whittard Santos and Java Blend

£4.50 for 227g,

Combining Brazilian and Indonesian beans, for a dark, intense flavour, it's not for the faint-hearted.

10. Taylor's of Harrogate's After Dark

£3.65 for 227g,

A blend of African, South American and Indonesian beans for a fruity, chocolatey flavour.