From clotted cream and caramel crunch to low-fat gelato and chocolate fondant, help yourself to some heaven in a tub.

1. Antonio Federici pistacchio

£4.39 for 500ml,

A gelato, the low-fat cousin of ice cream, made to the 1896 Federici Family recipe. It's quite thick, with a tongue-pleasing creaminess and is subtly sweet.

2. Ben and Jerry Phish Food

£3 for 500ml,

It may have first come out all the way back in 1997 as an icy paean to Vermont band Phish, who were Ben and Jerry's neighbours, but this is still a chocolatey corker.

4. Waitrose Devonshire clotted cream

£3.99 for 1 litre,

Clotted cream may equal clotted arteries, but what a way to go. With its glossy smoothness, this is best eaten when just melting.

5. Haagen-Dazs chocolate fondant

£3.29 for 200ml,

Overwhelmingly chocolatey – with both chocolate ice cream, sauce and brownies in the mix. Just don't eat more than one.

6. Rookbeare Farm pure Jersey vanilla

£4 for 500 ml,

Its bourbon vanilla flavour and Jersey cream milk has an alpine purity to it.

7. Heston from Waitrose salted caramel popcorn

£2.79 for 300ml,

Chef Blumenthal has essentially put a cinema confectionary stand into an ice cream here. Delicious.

8. Yeo Valley Organic Greek yogurt and honey


Although we like this, it is never going to be to everyone's taste: it is softer than normal ice cream and is partially made of yoghurt.

9. Green and Black's white chocolate and raspberry

£4.50 for 500ml,

If you love white chocolate you'll adore this. Particularly cake-like.

10. Gelupo Coppa raspberry lemon meringue pie

£3.95 for 150ml,

A gelato. Less fat so the raspberry and lemon are punchier. A zinger.