Whether you’re a rocket man or like your frozen treats in all shapes and sizes, we’ve got the right kit for the job.

1. Jewel Moulds

Possibly the most blinged-out lolly moulds in town, pop one of these rings on and join the ranks of the rich and famous. Seriously, though, they're modestly sized so good for children, or for greedy guts who can happily scoff more than one.

£9.99, minimakers.co.uk

2. Jungle Animals Moulds

Cute, or trendy, depending on your intentions, you could fill these tropical moulds with juice, or you could fill them with rum, sugar, lime, a sprig of mint and a pineapple twist for your very own – grown-up – mojito lolly.

£4.95, rockettstgeorge.co.uk

3. Lickety Pops Moulds

Possibly the freakiest thing we have ever seen. Fill it up, freeze it, then squeeze to eat. It'll look like you're eating your own tongue. Delicious!

£9.95, thediscoverystore.co.uk

4. Frosty Friends Moulds

These moulds allow you to make ice pops with eyes so they stare back at you. Fill them with fruit juice and freeze for a friendly way to get some vitamin C in your children.

£8, selfridges.com

5. Lakeland Silicone Pop Mould

Why limit yourself to putting ice on a stick? With this silicone mould you can put jelly or chocolates on instead. They break the mould (sorry) when it comes to shape, too; the finished lollies come out in dinky circle shapes.

£6.99, lakeland.co.uk

6. Twistix Moulds

Twist the bottom of the lolly stick and more lolly comes out. When you're done making your ice pop go up and down repeatedly, you can eat it safe in the knowledge that not one sticky drip will get on you. That's right: it's drip-proof!

£8.49, lakeland.co.uk

7. Little Home Rocket Moulds

Mix things up with the classic lolly shape by getting experimental with the flavours. One way is patiently to pour in different juices, freezing the mould after each one, to create a multi-layered, multicoloured treat. Blended fresh mango or banana makes a great alternative to juice, too.

£7, johnlewis.com

8. Annabel Karmel Mini Ice-Lolly Set

Given the chance, we'd all just make the biggest lollipop we could possibly fit in our mouths, but for the younger ones among us this isn't always practical. These are like icy dummies: perfect for soothing sore gums during teething and suitable for children over nine months.

£5.69, nuk.co.uk

9. Ice Rocket Lolly-Making Kit

For those on a mission to find signs of ice, these retro rocket moulds should have you satisfied. Why not make it really fiery, filling it with a blend of melted chocolate, cream and chilli, for a sweet and spicy, icy surprise.

£8.95, red5.co.uk

10. Umbrella Moulds

Lollies? In the rain!? Why the hell not. These umbrella-shaped lolly moulds were obviously designed with the British summer in mind. Now, how to get them open…

£4.99, coolkidscookware.co.uk