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The 10 Best kitchen scales

Whether you prefer the latest in digital accuracy or class style (or both), here are the best tools for the trade...

1. Terraillon Electronic

£40, amazon

Slim, flat, compact digital scales are all the rage. This one comes with all the bells and whistles you'd expect, including a backlit LCD display.

2. Kitchencraft Cast-Iron Scales

£33, amazon.co.uk

Get back to basics with the kind of scales your grandmother would have used. With an acacia wood stand, these black cast-iron scales are as traditional as you can get.

3. Bugatti Uma Weighing Scales and Timer

£84, amazon.co.uk

You're unlikely to find a cooler set of kitchen scales than this one from Bugatti, which has been making luxury kitchenwear since 1930.

4. Morphy Richards 3 in 1 Digital

£20, amazon.co.uk

This clever machine doubles up as a mixing bowl and measuring jug, so you can measure, mix and serve with no extra washing up.

5. Soehnle Food Control Easy Diet Scale

£44, amazon.co.uk

If you overindulged at Christmas and want to do something about it, these are for you. You can weigh the calories of up to 999 foodstuffs.

6. Typhoon Bella Scales

£29.99, lakeland.co.uk

Here's another set of stylish scales that takes inspiration from a bygone era, but this vintage set would look at home in any kitchen – contemporary or rustic.

7. John Lewis Orb

£10, johnlewis.com

This cheap and cheerful set of scales is compact and funky, with a big, easy-to-read dial that shows measurements in metric and imperial units.

8. Salter Max View

£23, amazon.co.uk

Salter makes some of the highest quality kitchen scales. This one features a super-sized 12.5 x 5.5cm display, which means you won't have to hunt around for your specs.

9. Lakeland Digital Add-and-Weigh

£24.99 lakeland.co.uk

Whether you're a weekend cook or a true professional, these will do you proud. There's also a non-digital version for half the price.

10. Joseph Joseph Foldable TriScale

£30 amazon.co.uk

Struggling for space? This digital set neatly folds away into practically nothing, so you can easily slip into a kitchen drawer.