From pruning herbs to cutting pizza and cracking shellfish, we look at the best ways to cut through everyday culinary tasks

1. Prepara Herb Scissors

If you like your herbs fresh, these herb-cutting scissors will keep plants in tip-top shape. Cut, trim, prune and garnish herbs and plants with these simple and stylish scissors with a soft-grip handle and delicate stainless steel blades.


2. Scizza Pizza Scissors

It always seems a bit weird when you see someone cut a pizza with scissors, but if you really think about it, it's probably the most sensible way to do it. These elegantly designed "scizzas" have a non-stick nylon base you can slide under the dough and 12cm blades to save messy chopping.


3. Seafood Scissors

Yes! Seafood needs scissors too. This pair even has a crab on to prove it. But seriously, these are probably the best tools for the job when it comes to cutting through crab and lobster shells and a built-in cracker between the handles cracks shellfish as if they were eggs. Those shrimps better watch out.


4. Easy Grip Kitchen Scissors

With comfortable handles and secure grip, these are perfect multi-purpose kitchen scissors. But they don't stop there; there's even a built-in nutcracker function, too.


5. Easy Clean Herb Scissors

Why chop your chives when you could slice your sage? These impressive herb scissors, which are a bit like five pairs of scissors stuck together, are designed to tackle delicate leaves without bruising them and come with a "comb" to gently collect the bits.


6. Multi-purpose Kitchen Shears

If you want to invest in a high quality pair of general-purpose scissors, these stainless-steel beauties are worth the hefty investment. The blades are suitable for cutting any material, but it also can be used as a bottle opener, nutcracker and screwdriver. The shears are also dishwasher safe


7. Fiskars Left-Handed Kitchen Scissors

Lefties don't do well with scissors, or indeed most kitchen utensils. Save yourself sore thumbs and strained fingers with this pair designed especially for southpaws, which feature an adjustable pivot screw to adjust blade tension.


8. Poultry Shears

For those who love to cook our feathered friends, these poultry shears are just the thing. The sharp, 26cm shears will save you hacking away at a dead chicken, instead allowing you to cut and trim with grace.


9. PrEpology Ultimate Kitchen Scissor Set

If the sheer variety of different scissors available is getting you in a tizzy, you'll find peace of mind with this four-piece kitchen set, with scissors for pizza, salad, shredding and general purpose. All have soft-grip handles and are suitable for both left- and right-handed users.


10. Koziol Edward Scissors with Holder

There's no reason why scissors can't be fun (if used safely) and this scissor and holder set, which looks like a googly-eyed monster, is a creative take on an otherwise plain-talking piece of kit.