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The 10 best knife sets


1. Henckels

£152.99, lakeland.co.uk

This wooden block set comprises five knives, each forged from one single piece of Henckels' unique stainless steel that goes through no less than 40 stages of production.

2. Robert Welch

£275, robertwelch.com

You won't do better than this. Each of the six blades is honed and tempered to razor sharpness, using unique technology inspired by Japanese master sword craftsmen.

3. Opinel

£42.50, divertimenti.co.uk

Brightly-coloured wooden handles mean you'll have no trouble finding the right knife for the task in hand, even in the most disorganised of kitchen drawers. A great gift.

4. John Lewis

£60, johnlewis.com

The rubberwood knife block has soft curves for a contemporary look and houses five great knives with colour-coded, soft-grip handles for ultimate comfort and control.

5. Pampered Chef

£107.75, pamperedchef.co.uk

Unlike the nine-knife block at £380, Pampered Chef's Starter Set is much more affordable and includes three excellent, long-lasting knives and a honing tool.

6. Judge

£32.95, pots-and-pans.co.uk

This black block houses five soft-grip knives. If you need more, you can always add to the block. Kitchen shears, carving fork and sharpening steel are also available.

7. Analon by Raymond Blanc

£31.50, cooks-knives.co.uk

Some star chefs put their names to any old tat, but Raymond Blanc is choosy. This three-piece starter set by Analon is hand-crafted to the most exacting standards.

8. Tenzo

£42.99, amazon.co.uk

These have ceramic blades to make them feel light as a feather, along with soft-grip handles. And as the whole knife is black, they look the part in modern urban kitchens.

9. Lakeland

£59.99 lakeland.co.uk

Not only does this rubberwood block look smart, but it comes with the five knives every kitchen needs, each made from a single piece of hardened stainless steel.

10. Maxwell & Williams

£25, maxwellandwilliams.co.uk

The multi-coloured Slice & Dice Six Piece Knife Set is made of stainless steel, with a non-stick overcoat for the blade, while the handles are made of TPR rubber grip.