The 10 Best men's moisturisers

Winter weather drying out your skin? Face facts: it’s time to hydrate with  one of these hard-working products

1. Double-Duty face moisturiser

£28, Jack Black,

Winter saps the moisture out of your skin, so keep it locked in with this product from Jack Black. It's oil free and has an SPF 20 to help prevent sun damage.

2. Skin Energy moisturiser

£8.99, Nivea for Men,

Late nights can leave your skin looking tired and dull so if you're the type of chap who likes to burn the candle at both ends then try the new Skin Energy product from Nivea.

3. Daily Moisturiser Boost

£29, Elemis,

This lightweight moisturiser immediately hydrates skin and also helps to soothe skin post shaving. The inclusion of citrus oils also helps to tone and revitalise the skin.

4. Ultimate Moisture

£7.99, Neutrogena,

Dry, run-down skin sometimes feels as though, in order to recover, it requires a continual application of moisture. All hail then this intense, long-lasting moisturiser.

5. Facial Fuel Transformer age-correcting gel

£27, Kiehl's,

This is packed with blue algae which helps combat skins roughness and added vitamin E aids hydration. The lightweight-gel doesn't leave an oily residue, either.

6. Active Energising Concentrate

£51, Shiseido Men,

This promises to help to reduce your pores and make you look younger in just four weeks.

7. Protect & Perfect Intense anti-aging moisturiser

£23, No7 for Men,

This is a very hydrating product which is perhaps not the best thing to use if you have excessively oily skin. A little goes a long way.

8. Moisturiser Hydrate

£8.99, Dove Men,

This moisturiser from Dove is specially formulated for men's skin. Easily absorbed, it also contains an SPF15 to protect against harmful UVA rays from the sun.

9. Maximum Hydrator

£28, Clinique for Men,

Dry, flaky skin is never a good look; that's why this intensive moisturiser from Clinique is perfect for your dried out epidermis. It's also great to use on freshly shaved skin.

10. Hydra Sensitive

£9.99, L'Oreal Men Expert,

A good moisturiser that helps to protect you from the drying effects of a daily shave. It has added minerals to protect against pollution, too.