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The 10 Best mixers


1. KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer

£409, hartsofstur.com

The Artisan's unique engineering means it makes unbelievably short work of everything from cake mixes to bread dough.

2. Cookworks Hand Mixer with Bowl

£14.99, argos.co.uk

This 200W hand mixer has a rotating base with a large-capacity bowl, which means you can walk away while it does its job.

3. Lakeland Hand Mixer Set

£37.99, lakeland.co.uk

Whether it's meringues, pastry or whipped cream you're after, this mixer's motor makes it effortless and fast and the storage bag means the attachments won't get lost.

4. John Lewis Hand Mixer

£39, johnlewis.com

This elegant stainless-steel mixer has five speeds, plus an extra-power feature for when you need more oomph. It's well balanced, light, quiet and easy to clean.

5. Kenwood Prospero

£184.99, lakeland.co.uk

The Prospero boasts five speeds, has loads of genuinely useful attachments to cover your every mixing need, and even has 90 recipes to get you started.

6. Sabichi Essentials

£10, sabichi.co.uk

This mixer is light but not flimsy, and excels at making smoothies and cake mixing, though meringues come out a little more dense than with some mixers.

7. Dualit Hand Mixer

£52.99, housemakers.co.uk

This is so powerful that it's a favourite in commercial settings as well as for domestic use. It has two multipurpose flat beaters, two dough hooks and a balloon whisk.

8. Oxo Hand Held Mixer

£20, oxouk.com

You'll be able to stir up batters and whipped creams in no time with this upgrade on hand whisks of old. It's streamlined and compact, and there's no need for electricity.

9. Sainsbury's

£8.65, sainsburys.co.uk

This is fantastic value. Boasting a 300W induction motor, five speeds and a turbo setting, it also has a safety lock to prevent accidents and looks smart, too.

10. Bodum Bistro

£42, houseoffraser.co.uk

Available in a range of colours, this ergonomically designed hand mixer is powerful enough to handle anything from mashing potatoes to kneading bread.