For a simple supper, give salad a swerve and sit down to an even more refreshing meal in a bowl...

1. Duchy Originals Sweet Pea with Mint


A classic summer soup done remarkably well. It's graceful, fresh and as pea-y as you'd expect. Benefits from a dash of pepper.

2. Yorkshire Provender Asparagus


A lovely summer-has-arrived asparagus flavour backed up with hints of peas, spinach and celery.

3. Rod and Ben's Thai Vegetable


A hearty winter vegetable soup, slimmed down and given an Asian makeover. A fine, slightly spiced offering.

4. Yorkshire Provender Beetroot, Parsnip, Horseradish and Ginger


A symphonic combination; full-bodied, almost crunchy.

5. Heston from Waitrose Tomato Gazpacho


Airy and light, slightly on the sweeter side of things, it benefits from a glug of olive oil and pepper, but it's still a good soup.

6. Brindisa Gazpacho


Rich tomatoes, refreshing cucumbers and a zing from the sherry vinegar. It also benefits from having no bread in the mix, so is nice and dainty.

7. New Covent Garden British Parsnip, Apple & Elderflower


Pretty interesting, if a little on the sweet side. Quite floral and the apples give an unusual edge.

8. Tideford Carrot and Coriander


You can serve this warm if the sun has deserted you, but it's best just out of the fridge. Nothing exotic, but good.

9. Glorious Thai Carrot and Lemongrass


Lightly spiced, pleasingly thin, and with a fresh flavour which makes it ideal as a summer lunchtime treat.

10. Daylesford Organic Tomato, Cucumber and Fennel


Cucumber chunks and a wink of fennel, a cracking chilled soup, but you pay for that high quality.