The 10 Best vegetable boxes

From carrots and spuds to more exotic selections, bypass the supermarket and get the best veg delivered to your door


1. Farmaround

From £8,

A rainbow of natural lovelies on offer here. Luxury boxes, standard, big, mini, Mediterranean and also a juice pack and salad bag. Top notch taste-wise.

2. Hello Fresh

£39 (serves two per night),

More like a weekly groceries service. The pack is mainly fruit and veg but supplemented with meat, pasta and bread and the like.

3. Riverford

From £10.35,

A family-run company with five farms around England delivering local veg to local folk, by a veg man/lady – not a courier – so they're happy to chat.

4. Damhead

From £10,

The big family boxes on offer here are the real draw. Salad boxes, too, are good quality, though not exotic – think lettuce, tomato and the like.

 5. Doorstep Organics

From £5,

Instead of boxes, brown paper bags, which end up lending your kitchen a certain 1950s feel. Produce of the highest quality.

6. Welsh Food Boxes Company

From £8.95,

Boxes positively groan with greens and seasonal fruits and even its largest is just £20.

7. Organic Delivery Company

From £9.95,

Unlike some delivery companies, packs the food on the day of delivery, so your lettuce and tomatoes aren't left hanging around. Fruit boxes are hale and hearty.

8 Graig Farm

From £13.31,

Graig say it's "muck and magic" that makes its boxes so good. Not sure about the magic part, but muck is certainly the only fertiliser they use.

9. Slipstream Organics

From £6,

Offer a bespoke service where you can pick just the ingredients you fancy, which they will deliver at no extra charge.

10. Abel & Cole

From £9,

14 boxes in various shapes and sizes. Both fruit- and veg-filled boxes are available – as mixed boxes, too. The gourmet selections are particularly good.