The 10 Best vegetarian cookbooks

Meat, schmeat... here’s how to liven up your palate with some of the most beautiful veggie recipes from some of the finest chefs...

1. Prashad by Kaushy Patel

£25, The Independent Bookshop

Having starred in Gordon Ramsay's Best Restaurant TV show, the Patels have produced a cookbook sharing the secrets of their small Bradford restaurant.

2. Dirt Candy by Amanda Cohen and Ryan Dunlavey

£14.99, The Independent Bookshop

Indie cooking fans will be smitten with this vegetarian cookbook presented in unique graphic-novel form.

3. River Cottage Veg Every Day! by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

£22.50, The Independent Bookshop

Let's be honest, we all know Hugh is partial to a beef wellington, but he sure knows how to boil a potato.

4. Tibits at Home by Reto Frei, Daniel Frei, Christian Frei and Rolf Hiltl

£22.50, The Independent Bookshop

From the brothers behind the successful restaurant chain comes a collection of contemporary recipes.

5. Vegan Eats World by Terry Hope Romero

£22.50, The Independent Bookshop

A collection of 300 international recipes for "savouring (and saving) the plant" from Romero, an award-winning chef.

6. Anjum's Indian Vegetarian Feast by Anjum Anand

£17.99, The Independent Bookshop

Inspired by India's street-food culture, this book will show you how to make everything, especially the "best ever" grilled naan.

7. Terre à Terre by Amanda Powley and Phil Taylor

£20, Absolute Press

This recipe book by the founder of Terre à Terre restaurant is seen by many as a definitive guide to sophisticated vegetarian cooking.

8. Vegetables From an Italian Garden

£24.95, Phaidon

With recipes taken from The Silver Spoon, better known as the bible of traditional Italian cooking, plus a few new ones, this is essential.

9. Nobu's Vegetarian by Nobu Matsuhisha

£25, PIE Books

Nobu's Michelin-starred restaurants are known around the world for serving up some of the finest Japanese cuisine around.

10. The Art of Cooking With Vegetables by Alain Passard

£20, Frances Lincoln

Do you remember the shock when Passard removed red meat from his three-Michelin-starred Paris restaurant? This new book says it all.