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The 10 Best vodkas

Whether you’re fixing yourself a strong martini or simply serving it over ice with lime, we’ve got the pure spirit for the job...
  • @SAMuston

1. Belvedere Unfiltered

£43.99, thedrinkshop.com

It divides drinkers, Belvedere – some find it too subtle. But there is much to like in this diamond rye vodka which doesn't go through a final filtration.

2. Konik's Tail

£36.99, selfridges.com

Elegant is the word that springs to mind here; delicate and almost rich, too. Flavourwise it runs the gamut from spelt nuttiness to an almost creamy vanilla.

3. Wyborowa

£13.99, simplywinesdirect.co.uk

They've been making this stuff for several hundred years in northern Poland.They seem to have it down to a tee.

4. Luksusowa

£16, thewhiskyexchange.com

Potato vodka spells harshness and zero flavour, right? Well, not with Luksusowa, which manages to be very good indeed.

5. Vestal Polasie

£26.50, harveynichols.com

A potato vodka named after the region it's made in eastern Poland, with a silkiness to it which is unusual in spud-based vodka. It is dense with flavour.

6. Beluga

£34.95, thewhiskyexchange.com

This is the best-selling posh vodka in Russia – and no surprise. It's a good drink, as soft and creamy as vodka can be.

7. Stolichnaya

£26, houseoffraser.co.uk

This is not quite nectar-of-the-gods standard, but it's a good solid vodka, which has a low-key flavour – making it just the thing for mixing up into cocktails.

8. Zubrowka

£19.99, waitrosewine.com

I can hear the incredulity, "a flavoured vodka, really?". Yes, actually, this Polish rye number, which is flavoured with subtle but tasty bison grass is a star.

9. Chase Smoked

£45, harveynichols.com

This is likely to infuriate purists, but it's interesting. Made in Herefordshire by the chap behind Tyrrells Crisps, it's the only oak-smoked vodka around.

10. Grey Goose

£33.99, tesco.com

It's a strange one, Grey Goose, an Eastern European drink made in France. But that shouldn't put you off the wheat-based vodka, as it's actually rather well done.