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The 10 Best water bottles

Turn your back on mineral water and use one of these to carry a supply of good old council pop with you wherever you go
  • @SAMuston

{1} Camelbak Groove

The Groove holds 600ml of water and has a carbon filter that is partly made of coconut (really) built into the straw, so it instantly turns the stuff from the tap into fresh water, whenever and wherever you are.

£27.48, ukbikestore.co.uk

{2} LEGO drinking bottle

Is there a better way to get your child to drink water than put it in a Lego man? Just twist, and pull to remove the figurine's head, and get at the 400ml of liquid within. When it needs a clean, just pop it in the dishwasher.

£9.99, firebox.com

{3} Aquatina

A graduate of Dragon's Den, Aquatina is a collapsible water bottle that fits flat in your pocket when empty, and then expands, concertina-like, to hold 500ml when full. Fully dishwasher-proof, too.

£9.99 for two, aquatina.com

{4} Hydracoach Intelligent

Concerned you're not getting the hydration you need throughout the day? This bottle monitors the total amount you've drunk from it that day, and then displays it on a totaliser on the side, so you'll know when you need a top-up.

£25, amazon.co.uk

{5} Brita Fill & Go

Get filtration on the go with this new bottle. It works by running the liquid through a carbon filter in the lid, which means you don't have to wait for it to drain through. Filters last for a week (£8 for 8) and you can flick it open with one hand, so it is useful if you are on your bike.

£14.99, brita.co.uk

{6} Flaska Neo Design

Instead of using nasty, planet-bashing plastic, Flaska use glass to make its bottles. There are environmental and cleaning advantages to that, but it does make it a little weightier, and you certainly don't want to drop it too many times if it's out of its neoprene sleeve.

£24.99, flaska.co.uk

{7} Camelbak Podium Chill

Avoid the ignominy of warm gym water with Camelbak and its clever chill jacket. It's made of a special plastic, too, so you don't get any of the acrid flavour other bottles sometimes give. It has a leak-proof valve, is dishwasher safe and has anti-microbial protection.

£11.69, wiggle.co.uk

{8} Klean Kanteen Reflect

Stainless steel, silicone and, er, sustainable bamboo are what goes into the construction of this bottle. The steel makes it very hardy (so it's useful if you are into extreme sports). The bamboo and silicone are just plain cool.

£28, castlebergoutdoors.co.uk

{9} bobble Filtered Water Bottle

Bobble's funky reusable water bottle has an in-built filter that removes chlorine and other nasties from your water as you glug it. One filter (£6.95) is good for 300 bottles. It's made from recycled plastic, too, so you win in the green stakes every which way.

£8.95, reusablebottle.co.uk

{10} Nike Lightweight Running Handheld Water Bottle

This is particularly good for the committed jogger. It has a strap to wrap around your hand and a zippered pocket to keep your keys and money, if you don't want to leave them in the care of your shorts' pockets.

£9.99, jjbsports.com