How to: Give up sugar

By Oscar Quine

Sugar is the new enemy. Over-consumption comes with the risk of death, destruction and, potentially, nuclear holocaust. The party's over, says Nicole Mowbray:

"Understand what 'sugar' is. Sugars are in everything, whether they're natural or added. Decide how far you want to go when it comes to cutting back on yours. The key to doing this is to understand labels. Anything that ends in -ose is a sugar."

"Clear out your cupboards. Sauces, cordials, juices, cereals, processed foods… While you're there, jettison honey, agave, maple syrup and any of the other 'natural' sweeteners."

"Beat your cravings. Eating more protein will help you overcome sugar cravings. This doesn't have to be meat: pulses and nuts will do it."

'Sweet Nothing: Why I Gave Up Sugar & How You Can Too' by Nicole Mowbray (Orion, £7.99)

Rotating column: The perfect pub

By Herb Lester

The perfect pub has the name it had when it opened, about 130 years ago.

Woodwork gleams from years of polish, and ornamental mirrors glisten. Entertainment is not needed, although a piano might be jolly, but we're here to chat with friends or enjoy a quiet drink alone with a book. About that drink. The range of beer is varied and well kept, but discussion of it is not obligatory. Service is swift, so much easier without credit cards, and bar staff greet you after a couple of visits. A fire would be nice, as would a friendly animal – a cat or dog, perhaps a bird.

Our requirements are so modest it would seem such a pub would be at the corner of most streets, but just try finding it.

'A London Pub for Every Occasion' by Herb Lester Associates is out now (£9.99);

Have you been to the perfect pub? @indymagazine

Instant Ethics

Dear Ellen

Q. How often should one call one's parents? My dad never calls me. If he doesn't bother, should I?

A. Parent-child relationships don't use the same rules of reciprocity as friendships or romantic liaisons. Assuming he did right by you during your childhood, filial duty requires a monthly call at minimum. Set an alarm on your phone.


Micro extract: Lockdown

"Our prison population, in fact, is now the biggest in the history of human civilisation. There are more people in the US either on parole or in jail today (around 6m) than there were at any time in Stalin's gulags."

From: 'The Divide – American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap' by Matt Taibbi (Scribe, £14.99)

Four play: Ice hockey-based riots

1. Montreal, 1993

2. Vancouver*, 1994

3. Edmonton, 2006

4. Vancouver, 2011

*today in 1994