The Ten Best Christmas puddings

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1. Waitrose, £4.99 (454g)

Panettone as a Christmas pud seems a popular trend this year. One of the best out there is this rather tasty tangy orange, amaretto and glacé cherry combo.; 0800 188 884

2. The Village Bakery, £6.99 (450g)

Not only organic but Fairtrade too, this simply and prettily packaged pudding contains fruits, nuts and spices as well as Fairtrade honey and mead. A rich, fruity pudding.; 01768 881 811

3. Traidcraft, £5.95 (450g)

No booze in here but this fruity pudding doesn't suffer for it. Containing Fairtrade fruit and sugar, it's nice and moist, not too rich and with a good balance of fruit and nuts.; 08704 431 017

4. Lewis & Cooper, £13.99 (1kg)

This mega-sized pud scooped a gold in the Great Taste Awards. It's hand-made and contains traditional ingredients (Seville oranges and black treacle) and a generous amount of cognac.; 01539 488 100

5. Betty's, £12.95 (780g)

This comes festively packaged and tastes as home-made as it looks. It's beautifully moist with a fruity flavour, and the alcohol - brandy and Old Peculiar ale - adds to the richness.; 08453 453 636

6. Sainsbury's, £10.39 (1.36kg)

This rich, dark pudding has a spicy aroma, moist texture and an intense flavour. It's packed with fruit and nuts and the cognac adds a luxury touch to what is already a sumptuous pudding.; 0800 636 262

7. Fortnum & Mason, £27.50 (907g)

Veggies will want to forgo this rich Regency recipe which includes beef suet as well as the finest traditional ingredients. Comes in a pudding basin.; 08453 001 707

8. Tesco, £4.49 (454g)

You can't go wrong with this rich, fruity pudding from Tesco's Finest range. It has masses of nuts and fruit - almonds, pecans and cherries - and is laced with sherry, rum and cognac.; 0800 505 555

9. Marks & Spencer £9.99 (907g)

Made and "laid down" in 2005, this vintage pudding has a nice texture and intense flavour. The port, sherry and cognac adds a hefty kick.; 08453 021 234

10. Crisis Pud, £20 (454g)

Combine philanthropy with luxury by buying this pudding - for every one sold, £15 goes to the homeless charity Crisis. And it's a delicious, fruity pudding laced with brandy.; 08000 199 099

The Ten Best is edited by Rebecca Armstrong