1. Tartelettes citron, £1.39 (for eight)

The lemony jam perfectly complements the buttery, crispy pastry of these mouth-watering, individually wrapped, 6cm tartelettes by Bonne Maman.

Available from most supermarkets

2. Plum tart, £3.99 (serves six)

An attractive tart with very thickly cut plum served on a soft Danish pastry base and covered in syrup - this is a real breakfast treat.

www.waitrose.com; 0800 188 884

3. Tarte tatin, £3.39 (for 335g)

Served hot, this Tesco Finest tart has real heart. Perfect sized chunks of apple make this supermarket-own brand a real star.

www.tesco.com; 08457 225 533

4. Treacle tart, £7.95 (serves four)

This tart is made with wholemeal pastry, which gives a surprisingly healthy feel to the classic comfort food - and it's not overly sweet. Sold frozen.

www.parkersmenu.co.uk; 01963 250 570

5. Cherry & custard tart, £2.49 (for 1,250g)

This huge tart is both luxurious and great value. The cherries, slathered in custard, are topped with light crumble.


6. Organic extra fruit jam tarts, £2.49 (for nine)

Filled with organic handmade preserves, these Duchy Originals jam tarts taste fresh and not at all synthetic, unlike some cheaper brands.

www.waitrose.com; 0800 188 884

7. Tarte au citron, £3.29 (serves six)

This Taste the Difference tart is very lemony with light, buttery pastry - a moreish combination. Stylish and delicious, this is a must-try fresh tart.

w ww.sainsburys.co.uk; 0800 636 262

8. Tartelette framboises, £2.60 (serves one)

A masterpiece of a tart stuffed with raspberries, which give an incredible flavour and complement the pastry. Never has fruit tasted so good. Perfect.

www.paul.fr; 020-7391 1901

9. Tartelette citron £2.20 (serves one)

The curd in this incredible lemon tart gives off an intense flavour and is surrounded by a dark, buttery pastry. Possibly the best tarte au citron ever.

www.paul.fr; 020-7391 1901

10. Raspberry & almond tart, £2.70 (serves one)

Carluccio's has created amarvel with this irresistible raspberry and custard combination in beautiful pastry.

www.carluccios.com; 020-7580 3050