The Ten Best: Wines under £10

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1. Montepulciano d'Abruzza 'Bucaro' 2001, £7.99

This is a big, sophisticated, organic red from Italy with deep fruit flavours and a background taste of oak. Certainly not something to be wasted on a takeaway pizza.; 0238-023 8214

2. Borsao Crianza 2000, £8.50

Complex, aged blend of garnacha, cabernet sauvignon and tempranillo from an estate on the edge of Rioja area. Not overwhelming and the perfect companion to Spanish food like paella or anything else with chorizo.; 08451 283 797

3. Trivento Shiraz Malbec 2004, £5.99

South America boasts some of the best value reds these days and this is one of them. A definite hint of Christmas in this bottle, with vanilla, berries and spice. An ideal autumn/winter red for someone who wants a rich, fruity taste without being too heavy.


4. 2003 Domaine Traslepuy Lirac, £7.99

Dense, concentrated medium-bodied wine from the southern Rhône, displaying all that is good about the area that produces some of the greatest French wines. Tannic, drying, with some hints of peppery spice.; 01502 727222

5. House of Certain Views Shiraz, £6.60

Another excellent Aussie shiraz from a family-owned estate in Hunter Valley. A luscious mouthful of vibrant black fruits and spice avoids being over the top by just enough oak aging.; 01743 234 455

6. Inycon Chardonnay, £4.99

Fantastic value, this could pass for something twice the price. A New World-style, yet made in Sicily, it has a clean finish on the palate. A perfect accompaniment to Mediterranean fish dishes like red mullet.

Available from Sainsbury's and Somerfield

7. d'Arenburg 'Hermit Crab' Marsanne Viognier, £7.99

Terrific wine from the Maclaren Vale. A blend of the light marsanne grape with the viognier, produces a sophisticated, fragrant wine, with a high alcohol content of 14.5 per cent.

Available at Waitrose and Oddbins

8. 2002 Cono Sur Viognier, £4.99

While most people tend towards heartier fare in winter, there is still always a place for oriental foods, and this is the perfect wine for them. Perfumed but dry, spicy but fruity, it will complement dishes packing a chilli-spiked punch.; 0117-935 9359

9. 2004 Cuvée Paul Talmard Mâcon Chardonnay, £6.99

Terrific, if traditional, white burgundy. A big mouthful of a wine, with strong, lemony flavours and a long, lingering finish. Its sharpness makes it an excellent partner for oily fish like mackerel or salmon.

www.adnams; 01502 727222

10. 2004 La Cité de Foncalieu Chardonnay, £5.99

Mellow, fruity white from the Languedoc-Roussillon area. The slight oak ageing helps balance the fruits with hints of citrus and spice. An example of New World techniques in an area normally known for its full-flavoured reds.; 0800 505 555