Today on BBC 2 at 10.30am, Saturday Kitchen is doing its bit for recycling by showing old (I mean young) Jamie Oliver repeats and even older episodes of The Galloping Gourmet, with Graham Kerr. Preceding those at 10am is a more original look at food and cooking. Ever Wondered About Food? comes from the Open University and blends science, history and cooking. One presenter's a chef, the other a scientist, and together they answer questions such as why marinating makes meat more tender, kneading makes bread rise and onions make your eyes water. The series also visits food manufacturers to see how they cook in bulk. Today's programme looks at bread, the history and tricks of the trade. If you're not reading this in time to switch on, next week's episode of Ever Wondered... is devoted to fish and chips.

THE OPPOSITE of something from the Innovations catalogue – those gizmos that momentarily convince you that life is impossible without them – has turned up in the post. I can't really see what I'd do with it, but it's incredibly clever and I want one. It's Wizard – a dish, a bowl, a display or a decoration, they say. Crafty idea; made from strengthened synthetic rubber, it's a circular bowl with a conical centre which can be pushed alternately up and down so that you have a series of concentric troughs to put nuts in, or one large dip (if the middle's pressed in) or a striking, pointed centrepiece up the sides of which you can arrange fruit. See, it's hard to describe, so here's a picture. The Wizard bowl is £29.95, and is distributed by AbsolutForm. Order direct or enquire about local stockists on 020-8731 3730.

* Recycling is also an issue when it comes to bottled water. Only a fraction of plastic bottles are collected and turned into something else. As if it wasn't wasteful enough that bottled water is so prevalent, now it's being aimed at infants. Perrier Vittel, the UK's bottled-water giant, last week launched Billy Buxton, hoping to part parents and primary-school children from their pocket money in exchange for something they can get for nothing from a tap. Highland Spring bottles Looney Tunes water for children, and Sainsbury's sells water for kids in its Blue Parrot Café range. Less pernicious, more pretentious: Tesco is trying to flog us ice cubes made from mineral water. The supermarket says trend-setters are demanding it. "Tap water could spend all day in the fridge, but for thousands of fashion-conscious people, it will never be cool enough," someone from Tesco's frozen-products department is quoted as saying. As if they'd know cool if it frostbit them. At the moment there's nothing on the ice to give away your gullibility, but Tesco is thinking about branding the cubes so that "the ultimate in fashion labelling" is visible. Until it melts and only the packaging is left, that is. You can buy a 2kg bag for £1.29 at Tesco Metro stores.