Great British cake-off

In a world full of silly things, this takes the biscuit. It is not, as the picture above suggests, a giant custard cream. Think about the logistics, that would be a nightmare to eat. It is in fact a cake, made with a 'Custard Cream Cake Mould'. £19.99,

Crystal tips

Salt. We're told we are eating too much of it, until another dietician pops up to suggest that we might not be getting enough. In The Salt Book, David Glynn and Fritz Gubler set out to provide the answer. How to resist a book that offers to take us on a journey through "today's bewildering array of salts"? Radically, they suggest we ditch shakers. Steady on. £14.99,

Ruby, ruby, ruby

Designer Kate Wood likes to make jewellery that looks like it was shaped by wind, rain and nature. The stones in one pair of earrings are hung in the shape of a wisteria blossom and look like iced berries from a holly or rowan tree. Granted, this strays dangerously into kooky art teacher territory but works nicely nevertheless. £140,

State your case

The next two months are the most miserable of the year – barely anything to look forward to until the leaves push through their buds and the birds start singing. So why not clear off somewhere? And while you're about it, why not clear off in style? Thomas Lyte's weekender bag is the last word in sophistication. £550,

Mass appeal

Photojournalist Jeremy Hunter is one of only a few foreigners to have witnessed North Korea's Arirang Games and its 100,000 eerily synchronised performers. His rare photos will be on display at the ATLAS gallery. From 16 January,

Cold comfort

So, you didn't get those slippers you asked for from that hapless band of ingrates you call family? Well, it's getting bloody cold, so time to take matters into your own hands. For sheer comfort you could do no better than a pair of moccasins from the Newquay-based purveyors of all things soft and fleecy, Celtic Sheepskin. £49,