Liam Cunningham, actor

I don't know how Michelin-starred chefs produce outstanding plates of food so readily, because when I cook, I find it difficult – it took me five years to learn how to cook a steak properly. For me it's about finding a good piece of meat, knowing what pan to use, what temperature to have the pan at, and when to take the steak out.

Most people go for fillet because it's the most expensive cut of meat, but it ain't necessarily the best. I'll go once a week to my local farmers' market in Dublin and look for the finest marbled piece of meat – so you get the melting of the fat into the meat that gives it its delicious flavour.

And, of course, you've got to have it medium-rare. When I hear people saying they want a well-done steak I think, Jesus, why bother? It kills the flavour. To finish: I throw on some cracked pepper and Stilton. Magnificent.

'Blood: The Last Vampire' is in cinemas now.