Why I Love: All-beef patties

Elviin, singer-songwriter
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In the past year, I've developed this passion for hamburgers. I eat them about six or seven times a week and, though I'm not brand-loyal, I'm a huge fan of McDonald's. On the road, most of the time when we see the Golden Arches, we'll pull in and, in an average sitting, I'll eat a Quarter Pounder meal, a Big Mac meal and a couple of hamburgers.

We were in the States recently and we watched Super Size Me. After it, we couldn't wait to get to the nearest McDonald's. I'm not sure that was the desired effect. I'm 28, so it's not showing on my body yet, but my cousin did sit me down recently and give me a talking to about all the red meat I'm eating.

Sometimes, after eating a burger, it feels wrong, but then the craving kicks in. I write songs about need and desire, and who's to say that when I sing, I'm not thinking about my next burger.

Elviin's debut single, "In Colour", is out tomorrow on Virgin Records.