Wine quiz, with Anthony Rose

Enter our viticultural brain teaser, and win a six-bottle case of champagne
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Roll up for our 2007 "Currant" Affairs Trivia Quiz and test your wine knowledge. Don't worry if your mind's gone blank and you can't remember last night, let alone what happened during the year. Our prizes should tempt you into having a go. First prize is a superb six-bottle case of Bollinger Special Cuve and the lucky runner-up will receive a velvet gift box of a 'Century of Port' from Taylor's, with four half bottles of 10-, 20-, 30- and 40-year Old Tawny Ports.

1. Whose 1943 vintage red wine with his portrait on the label, a gift to top-ranking officers on his 54th birthday on 20 April, was sold at auction for 3,995 this year?

a) Hermann Göring b) Adolf Hitler c) Joseph Goebbels

2. Which domestic goddess served time on charges relating to insider dealing and is now launching a new range of wines including a cabernet sauvignon that will benefit from five to eight years of cellaring?

a) Martha Stewart b) Delia Smith c) Nigella Lawson

3. Which golden couple got married this year after meeting when she poured wine over him at the Golden Globe Awards in 2002?

a) Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart

b) Rick Salomon and Pamela Anderson c) Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster

4. What chemical compound found in wine is being studied at the University of Leicester for use in a pill being developed by scientists to help prevent cancer?

a) tricin b) resveratrolc) curcumin

5. Which Desperate Housewife said: "This make-up chemist that I know was talking about all the good properties in wine antioxidants and stuff, exfoliating qualities and she said 'never throw it out, dump it in your bath'"?

a) Teri Hatcher b) Marcia Crossc) Eva Longoria

6. Which famous Frenchman was honoured in Paris this year with the title of the 16th Pope of the Bordeaux Cru Class de Graves, Chteau Pape Clment?

a) Nicolas Sarkozy b) Sbastien Chabal c) Grard Depardieu

7. Bottle Shock and Judgement of Paris are films being made this year about the Judgement of Paris tasting in 1976 featuring which famous Britishwine writer?

a) Hugh Johnson b) Oz Clarkec) Steven Spurrier

8. Who said: "As men get older they're treated as fine wine. Well, I want to be fine wine too! Bordeaux preferably"?

a) Britney Spears b) Tori Amosc) Helen Mirren

9. Which company made headlines this year by selling a Worthit! Champagne for 5 produced by Champagne Henry Villois in Epernay?

a) EastEnders b) Woolworthsc) Berry Bros & Rudd

10. Which world figure is to be the keynote speaker at the International Climate Change and Wine conference to be held in Barcelona this coming February?

a) Gordon Brown b) Bill Clintonc) Al Gore

11. The head of which 75 million-case-a-year Californian wine dynasty died this year, just six days shy of his 98th birthday?

a) Julio Gallo b) Robert Mondavi c) Ernest Gallo

12. In 2007, a world-renowned designer who produces a premium vodka filtered through layers of crushed Italian marble, launched a Tuscan red wine in a black leather case lined with a cheetah skin pattern. Was it:

a) Stella McCartney b) Roberto Cavalli c) Giorgio Armani

13. Among a spate of "celebrity" wine launches in 2007, which of Princess Diana's former "associates" released a range of Royal Butler Wines comprising an Australian Chardonnay, Shiraz and sparkling ros?

a) Paul Burrell b) Will Carlingc) James Hewitt

14.Who is proposing that Europe uproot 500,000 acres of vineyards in order to become more competitive?

a) Gordon Brown b) Mariann Fischer Boel c) Hugh Johnson

15. Distilled five times and charcoal-filtered, Boomerang Vodka, which went on sale this year, is made from:

a) potato spirit from the Ukraineb) the spirit of cactus flowers grown in Mexico c) chardonnay grapes grown in Australia's Barossa Valley

16. Who said: "I'll only take two sips [of wine] but I'll keep holding the glass because it makes me feel sexy, but I don't drink it because it tastes kind of nasty to me"?

a) Naomi Campbell b) Jade Goody c) Tyra Banks

17. Who said: "I don't have a problem with alcohol. I have a problem with [the] me that comes out whenI drink"?

a) Amy Winehouse b) Pete Doherty c) Lily Allen

18. Which American president found his archives the subject of court proceedings this year after a claim by the buyer of four wines that the presidential wines were fakes?

a) Abraham Lincoln b) Harry Truman c) Thomas Jefferson

19.The Disney Corporation was forced to pull the plug on its chardonnay Bourgogne in which film because of complaints that its star holding a glass of wine might violate rules against advertising?

a) Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End b) Ratatouillec) Enchanted

20. Red, red whine? Who claimed that her husband poured red wine on her from a bottle and threw the rest of what remained in his glass at her?

a) Amy Winehouse b) Avril Lavigne c) Heather Mills

Send your answers, by Saturday 12 January, to Anthony Roses New Years Drink Quiz,Independent Magazine, Independent House, 191 Marsh Wall, London E14 9RS, or e-mail your answers to Delivery of prizes to UK mainland addresses only. The winners will be the first correct entries to be picked by Anthony Rose. Winners will be notified by e-mail or telephone. Independent competition rules apply. See for details