Wine: Something for the weekend?

2005 El Dueño Chardonnay; 2004 Salomon Pfaffenberg Riesling; 2004 Meyer Fonné Tokay Pinot Gris
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Under a fiver: 2005 El Dueño Chardonnay

This high-altitude dry white from Bodegas Esmeralda in Argentina displays smoky oak, along with the typical buttery texture of ripe chardonnay. £4.99, Marks & Spencer

Under a tenner: 2004 Salomon Pfaffenberg Riesling

The Vinolok glass stopper is a talking point, as is the wine itself, an aromatic, zesty Austrian dry white whose minerally fruit is just the ticket with firm white fish. £9.99, Oddbins

Splash out: 2004 Meyer Fonné Tokay Pinot Gris

Alsace doesn't always get the credit it deserves, which is a shame when it produces wines of this quality. Perfect with Thai and Chinese food. £13.99, or buy 3 for £9.33, Wine Rack, selected Threshers